Our Mission Statement 

“The Alohem Center for Transformational Studies (ACTS) is founded on expressing Divine Love through community action. Its purpose is to provide resources for personal growth and transformation and lead an example that models respectful community.” 

Mastership at Mt. Shasta

Since 1985, our mission as a non-profit organization and educational resource is to introduce people to the simple tools that awaken inner wisdom awareness, or intuition, that they may inspire healthier levels of conscious being. The Alohem Center is a ‘school without walls’ that develops and hosts traveling workshops, using simple meditation exercises to stimulate creativity and inner balance.

Part of the Human Potential movement, our implied commitment reveals:

  • We all possess a reliable inner source of wisdom that serves our best and highest good,
  • We have infinite potential to overcome obstacles and create new levels of awareness,
  • We possess the ability to improve our health and well-being at all levels, regardless of perceived limitations,
  • We build community through a shared responsibility that connects all beings on all levels of awareness.

The purpose of our work is many-fold. We provide members with creative tools for the purpose of…

  • better connecting all individuals to their sacred sources of inspiration,
  • instruction in the use of intuition-building tools to access deeper levels of mind-consciousness,
  • releasing blocks in consciousness to enable individuals to improve talents and skills, transform foundations for illness, and improve overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Those who complete our Illuminated Mind Seminars are eligible to attend our Mastership Retreats, which are held quarterly, to explore even deeper levels of consciousness, inspire creativity, and build community with those around us. Retreats are communal spaces designed to bring growth and well-being to often hectic working lives.