Alohem Meditation Standards

Singing is a part of our gatherings.

Meditation is a simple mind-body exercise that quiets the conscious mind of its usual operating “chatter.” It is also used to access the more complex functions of the mind, including the super-conscious creative mind and also the sub-conscious mind-body. Ultimately, many people recognize the existence of a human spirit, in the form of the super-conscious creative mind that is not dependent upon the physical body for its existence.

However, since our approach is free of religious dogma, this material is suitable for people of most faiths desiring to strengthen their own awareness of and personal connection to their preferred sacred source. Sacred source may be “God/Goddess” or any other manifestation of the One or Great Spirit, but more universally refers to our collective conscious awareness of all beings and manifestation beyond our individuated Selves. Because our meditation standards are universal, yet respectful of each individual’s personal choice, this provides a powerful means for anyone seeking greater awareness and mastery of universal principles.

The Alohem Method is used in all our workshops and retreats and works in the following way.

  • Members are comfortably seated in a circle.
  • The Facilitator leads a guided meditation lasting 15 to 40 minutes.
  • When the cycle exercise is complete, participants take time to assess and reflect on what they just experienced.
  • They have an opportunity to share any reflections within the circle.

We learn from each other. This allows us to benefit both from personal experiences and also from those of others. First-time meditators are often surprised at how much they really know and can perceive.

The Alohem Method is specific in that:

  • One is not told what and how to experience revelations within any given exercise,
  • The method focuses predominately on intuitive awareness for its primary success,
  • It effectively draws participants into alpha and theta brainwave states,
  • this method reliably connects to conscious beings beyond ourselves; the basis for telepathy and prayer.

The most meaningful results allow spontaneous, intuitive awareness to first engage our mind’s experience, and then to engage our rational-mind faculties to organize this information for personal and practical application. In other words, we use a non-judgmental approach to stimulating your creative mind potential, and you decide how best to use that information.


Some years ago, while searching for a name for this organization, June and several friends were camping high on Mount Rainier in Washington State. During their dawn meditation, the word “Alohem” appeared to June and others in the group. The participants were mystified as to its meaning.

At a later time, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, author of The Keys of Enoch, was asked if he had any information about the word. He smiled and replied, “It is a word referring to the Creator God of the Universe. In the Jewish tradition it is called Elohim”
                Today, the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies (ACTS) represents a diverse group of people who practice higher states of awareness through meditation.

                It is pronounced  “Aee-Low-Heem.”

As a creative force in the universe, we call ourselves Alohem in honor of this source of our collective, creative consciousness in action, as humans endowed with a nobler spirit consciousness. All of the world’s great spiritual traditions refer to this creative spirit in some manner.

We do not ‘channel’ any being, for that can introduce conflict and bias. Participants have an opportunity to safely connect with and learn about other conscious beings within the greater universe. For example, participants meet their personal guides, as well as angels, earth elementals and multiple levels of benevolent beings. Acknowledgement of one’s superconscious mind, or spirit, is essential in this process for this is the center of one’s true creative intelligence.

This discipline was developed by our founder, June d’Estelle, whose pioneering doctoral coursework in Transpersonal Psychology was the basis for all program development since the 1970s. Her methods have been taught and used successfully by thousands of people. Since Dr. d’Estelle retired in 2010 at the age of 90, her work has been carried forward by our organization’s Leadership Council, Facilitators and veteran members who have been with the program for many years.

Today, we are expanding the curriculum and its applications to address wider audiences. We find the success of our participants today is just as effective as June’s original classes, but taking much less time to master. Members have been involved for decades and continue to find this work to be a compelling source of inspiration. We all can give testimony to how June’s work has changed our lives in profound ways.

Dr. June d’Estelle with Dr. James Hurtak at gathering at Mt. Shasta, CA

The Alohem Center has been a constant source of inspiration and support since I first studied with June in 1976. I credit the work I have done there with molding the direction of my life, including inspired moves, the definition of my life’s calling and the blessing of healing that led to the publication of my first book, Cancer’s Gifts.

Barbara Kline

Corrales, NM

My work with Alohem Center started in 2003 and made an indelible imprint on everything I do now. I am much freer to share my talents and gifts of insight with the world and with a conviction that I am definitely not alone. The world is much more of a beautiful and loving place because of this!

Robert Douglass

Orlando, FL